Psychological-Type Assessments

Understanding psychological-types helps develop
more effective and productive individuals, leaders and teams

   Psychological-type assessments that are administered individually or within groups can open new levels of personal understanding and lines of communication. It provides insight into how and why people understand and approach the world in such different ways.  Psychological-type assessments offer insights into how your personality type shapes your approach to life.  Understanding the principles of psychological-type will help you manage the challenges of everyday living, including managing and leading others, dealing with conflict, exploring career choices, and building stronger relationships.

   Knowing your psychological-type will not only help you understand and appreciate your own strengths and potential areas for growth, but will also help you understand how others may differ from you.  Psychological-type assessment has been accepted as a valuable instrument for understand the dynamics of individual personality for over 50 years. This assessment process is easily administered within a completely confidential  Coaching Program or Team Building Program.  Team building and psychological-type assessment programs are commonly used by successful businesses, educational institutions, and public safety organizations to unlock the true potential of their leaders and teams.  

   Psychological-Type Assessor, retired Chief of Police Roger A. Baker, is a highly successful law enforcement professional that has extensive knowledge of law enforcement organizations and psychological-type assessments. He will guide you through the assessment process and assist you in developing knowledge and understanding of the assessment results and how they influence your life.  The assessments are conducted over the internet and the results are delivered only to the individual participants and Chief Baker.

   Please contact us to discuss the selection of a personalized psychological-type assessment and other personal preference assessments.

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